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At Belcom, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced technology and highest quality products combined with the utmost level of service and reliability for our customers. Our customers can count on timely and responsive service for all inquiries. 

Belcom Service and Support
If you have purchased a Belcom product from one of our distributors, please make the initial call to them, and if necessary they will put you in contact with our technical support team directly. Should you wish to contact Belcom directly, our contact details are:   
For Primary Technical Support of Belcom products, including confirmation of the need for an RMA:
Belcom Microwaves Technical Support Center
Tel:  (972) 4 641-7600
Fax: (972) 4 641-7628
How to return Belcom Equipment for repair:  
1. Contact our Technical Support Center at (972) 4 641-7600 to confirm an RMA is necessary.   
2. Should an RMA be necessary, please fill-out the
 RMA form. 
Please note you will need to provide the model number, serial number, as well as a full description of the product. 
Provide as many details as possible, including the full fault description, pictures, sample data and/or print-outs, when ever possible.   
3. Once the request is received, the RMA Center will contact you.  
4. Once you have received an RMA number please ship the equipment to: 

     Belcom Microwaves Ltd. 
     Ramat Gabriel Industrial Park 
     P.O.Box 907 
     5 Hata'asiya St. 
     Migdal Ha'emek 23101, Israel

     Please mark all box(es) with the following info:
     Attention: RMA Center
     Place of origin is Israel.

Cost of shipment

Warranty repair
Shipment to Belcom – On customer account
Return to Customer – On Belcom account

Non-Warranty repair
Shipment to Belcom – On customer account
Return to Customer – On customer account

Warranty Repair
Units repaired under warranty are of no charge to the customer. In the event that there is “No Fault Found”, a charge of US $75.00 per unit will be invoiced to cover, evaluation, labour and testing, prior to shipping. Guaranteed 15 business days repair cycle. 

Warranty does not cover any mechanical damages to the product or any damage caused by mishandling or operation not in accordance to the operation manual.  
Non-Warranty Repair
Units that are not under warranty, incur a minimum charge of US $125.00 per unit. In the event that the repair cost exceeds the minimum amount, a cost estimate will be sent for approval and a purchase order will be required to proceed. Guaranteed 15 business days repair cycle
Warranty Statement
Warranty - Seller warrants the items ordered hereunder at the time of shipment to be free from defects in material, workmanship, and conform to the technical specification as specified for a period of 24 months from date of shipment. 
Seller liability under this warranty shall terminate 24 months after the date of shipment, unless otherwise specified. Written notice of any defects shall be given to the Seller upon discovery and Seller shall correct such defects by repair or replacement, at its option, without charge. If no notice is given the seller reserves the right to charge for material and 
labor cost associated to the repair. In no event shall Seller‘s liability under this warranty exceed the cost of repair or replacement of such defective item and under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for special or consequential damages.

Out of Warranty – Items out of warranty will be charged parts and labor for repair work. 
An evaluation charge of $125 applies. The evaluation charge will be waived if the repair work is ordered.


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